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In September 2003, the Washington State Legislature passed the Municipal Water Supply Efficiency Requirements Act. The Water Efficiency Rule requires all municipal water suppliers to set water efficiency goals and provide annual performance reports on achieving these goals to customers and the Washington State Department of Health.

The District has adopted the following water use efficiency goals:

 •  Achieve a reduction in water use per ERU of 5 percent by the year 2021, with
     2006 as the base year. This reduction will result in an average demand reduction
     from 299 to 284 gallons per day per ERU by 2021.

 •  Increase awareness among all water users of the value and importance of conserving
     water and of the methods available to achieve reductions in water use.

The goals were adopted on May 6, 2010. The District continues to fund education programs, print conservation tips in our newsletters, have an increasing block rate structure, provide rebates for water efficient clothes washers, meter sources and customer services, provide customer bills showing a consumption history, provide water conservation kits to our customers and maintain a low leakage rate.

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