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All of the water supplied by the District is produced by five deep groundwater wells. The water produced by the Districtís wells is of superior taste and quality. Unlike many of the regional surface water systems, there are no chemicals added to the Districtís water for disinfection purposes.

The District does have a treatment facility to remove arsenic and hydrogen sulfide just north of the Crest development. Water from Wells 3 and 4 is routed directly to the arsenic removal facility prior to entering the distribution system. As water is filtered through the media, arsenic particles passively adsorb or adhere onto the iron surface without the use of chemical additives.

The Districtís water continues to be tested to the Department of Health requirements and with completion of the arsenic facilities, meets all water quality standards. The water has won several awards in industry taste test contests.

 Annual Water Quality Report (PDF)
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